Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my personal blog, the place where I share my travel stories and my inspiration. I have been traveling a lot since the beginning of 2017 and I hope this blog serves as a tool for me to connect with the rest of the world. Another main reason is that I feel like I am always rushing in life, rushing to achieve my goals, rushing for making relationships work, rushing to get groceries… However, I’ve never really stopped and delved deeper into the matters of my life and the worldview that shapes them or not even appreciated for little meaningful things that happened in life. I made my mind to document every inspiring and important moment of my life with this blog.

A little bit about me: on weekdays, I am a full-time Business Analyst, and on the weekends, I am a Bachatera. Bailar bachata conmigo!

I’m ready to get inspired and live a more intentional life, are you ready?