Cancun, Mexico

Dreams Sands Hotel Cancun

I had never been to Cancun before, and honestly, it was not in my top list of places to go. I always thought it was just a party beach for drunk spring breakers. My mind completely and totally changed. After one look at the crystal clear, neon-turquoise waters, after sinking my toes in the velvetiest, softest sands I have ever felt, after just my first hour there, and then after spending 6 decadent days there, my opinion did a complete 180-degree turn.

We went there in late February of 2018, and experienced a very Americanized Mexico since we stayed at all-inclusive resorts during spring break, the busiest season of the year. There are definitely pros and cons for staying at an all-inclusive since you can get fat easily haha, but the convenience for entertainment, transportation, and relaxation takes over everything.


Dreams Sands Cancun (All-inclusive)

Hyatt Zilara Cancun

Photo Gallery



View from the Zilara Hotel Room

Cancun had the most vibrant, turquoise waters I have ever seen in my entire life. They were stunning. They honestly looked photoshopped in real life. I could not get over them.


My Favorite Picture ❤
Gym Time
Tropical Colors

Since it was spring break season, the nightlife partying scene was quite active. The most famous club is Coco Bongo. If you only choose one nightclub during your vacation, make sure it’s Coco Bongo. Cancun’s best and most famous nightclub is known for an over-the-top acrobatics show and celebrity impersonators. Where neon lasers, confetti from the ceiling, and exotic dancers keep the energy high… Most of the times, you could purchase cheaper tickets online or ask a local dealer.


Duty Time
Dreams Sands Hotel Cancun
When U.S. Football Meets Mexico
Beautiful Beach

Cancun has the softest sand I have ever felt. It was like baby powder. We learned that the soft sand comes from the Great Mesoamerican Reef, located in the waters right in front of Cancun. The Great Mesoamerican Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Pieces of coral break off and wear down over time, then wash up on the shores of the beach creating the unique, powder-soft sand.


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