Jasckson Hole, WY

In a place as beautiful as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, it doesn’t take much to have three perfect days. Late fall is an incredible time to explore what Jackson Hole has to offer without needing to fling yourself down the side of a snowy mountain (just to clarify, Jackson Hole is an 80-mile-wide valley with the city of Jackson sitting within it). Whether you’re on the lookout for wildlife, hiking to hidden waterfalls, eating delicious meals or enjoying a relaxing day at a luxury resort, there is a lot to explore and admire in one of the nation’s ski meccas, even if you decide to leave the skis back home.

We spent a perfect long weekend in Jackson Hole, WY from Sep 21-Sep 25, 2017. Since it was not the ski season, we could enjoy a not too cold version of Wyoming and its autumn view.

Stayed in: Snow King Resort

Town Square was where we hanged out a lot.

We went to the Grand Teton National Park, and it was my first time ever visiting a national park. The view was magnificent.

There were many wild animals along the van tour, and it was an absolute pleasure to see these cute animals along the way.



Next day, we went for a tram tour to the top of the Tetons at Teton Vilage. It was a 35 minutes bus ride from our hotel. The view on top of the mountain was amazing. We took a day away from the slopes to explore the epic late fall sights offered at the phenomenal Grand Teton National Park. We hired a Mountain Travel Expert for one four-hour van tour to Grand Teton National Park with Scenic Safaris, which increased the odds of seeing wildlife, like buffalo, wolves, elk, deer and birds of prey, etc.


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A friend strongly recommended us to have dinner at Amangani, so we went there to check out the hype on our last night there. It is in Teton Village and about 20 minutes drive from downtown Jackson Hole.


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