Positano, Italy

After Capri, we headed to Waseem’s absolute favorite destination to visit in the entire world, Positano. He has been to Positano several times before, and could never get sick of the incredible view of Positano, the haven on earth. Before our Europe trip, Waseem told me that this trip will be the trip of our lifetime and he is indeed right in every single perspective. Positano is just so stunning that I want to stay there forever.

Stayed in: Hotel Il San Pietro (Waseem’s favorite hotel of all time, ha!)

  • When I asked my boyfriend how he would describe this hotel, these were his answers: “totally over the top,” “stunning,” “views to die for,” and “heavenly.” And that about sums it up. I think I can safely say that this is the most spectacular place we’ve ever stayed in. It is about a five minute drive from the inner town of Positano, settled into a large cliff that overlooks the sea. It is terrace upon terrace, with its own flower and vegetable gardens, multiple restaurants, a beachy area at the bottom, and a stunning waterfall pool that overlooks the horizon. It’s old-school glamour with modern amenities and impeccable service. #relationshipgoals.
San Pietro di Positano

The San Pietro di Positano is a 5-star luxury hotel located near the East of town Positano on the Amalfi Coast. I know so many celebrities have come here for vacation including my favorite actress of all time Julia Roberts. So you could imagine how excited and lucky I was to stay with San Pietro.

We had breakfast at the hotel with a stunning view overseeing the town from a distance on the balcony. In the afternoon, we decided to chill for the day so we hung out by the outdoor pool on the upper terrace of the resort and relaxed.

Since this is the trip of our lifetime, we need to be extra special. My favorite part was absolutely having dinner at Zass, a Michelin 1 Star restaurant. (It is right inside of the San Pietro Hotel) Waseem and I had a cute date night at Zass accompanied with live romantic piano. Food was so incredible that I was too hungry and finished within 10 minutes.

Zass Restaurant

One afternoon, we were touring the center town area of Positano, and we stopped to have drinks at the GORGEOUS Franco’s Bar (which is part of the hotel Le Serinuse) that overlooks the mountainside of Positano and the beach and water below. It is definitely a hot spot so we were lucky that we didn’t make a reservation beforehand!

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.01.59 PM
Franco’s Bar

Positano is such a small town yet the view is so spectacular that is has been featured in several films, including Only You (1994), and Under the Tuscan Sun(2003), as well as more recently in Kath & Kimderella (2012) and being mentioned in the 2009 musical film Nine in the song “Cinema Italiano”. I totally felt like I was a movie star making a romance film in town with the most handsome actor. Everywhere we went were so picturesque that there were no bad photos taken.

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